03/31/10 Brazzers Nikki Benz Dr Adventures

Lets see, Bullshit, youre lying, get the fuck outta here, yer fuckin trippin, all of these could be used to describe the way I felt when I got my booking email, and it said these two words. Nikki Benz. See, Before I got into porn, I was a big fan. I mean BIG FAN of porn in general. I would rent, buy, order, visit my local video store, I even had a fucking Xrentdvd.com subscription. So sometimes I get a TAD bit flustered when I get news like Im going to be getting fucked by Manuel Ferrara, or, Im going to be in a scene with Nikki Benz. These are surreal moments.

Ahhh, back to business. Ok. Today I would be working with Nikki Benz, and Johnny Sins in a Boy/Girl/Girl scene for Vic Lagina and Brazzers out in Las Vegas at Laginas compound. I had noticed about a month ago that Vic Lagina had posted in his Brazzersforum thread that he had something special lined up, but I never thought this was what he had in mind. After an early morning flight out of burbank to vegas (Nikki Benz actually had an even earlier flight than I did to get her into hair and make-up and out before I arrived) I arrived at the Lagina compound about 9:30 AM or so, and after hair and make-up I went into the bathroom to do a little douchin’ to get ready for the scene and as my luck would have it, mid douche Nikki Benz enters the bathroom to brush her teeth. I actually thought for a second that we could make our own little private bathroom scene! As I got to chit-chat with Nikki throughout the day I realized really how awesome she is. She really is a very very cool person and a pleasure to be around and work with. If everyone worked as hard and put as much effort into what they do as Nikki Benz does, we would have to abolish the AVN awards, because every scene would be an award winner. This was gonna be a good day. Did I mention I get to be the Dr today!? RAD!

Haha, heres a picture of Nikki and our Photographer for the day Matt, everyone say “Hi Matt and Nikki!”

After pictures were outta the way we got set for the scene, heres Johnny doing pretty much what hes going to do for the scene, read a magazine, oh wait, he did some other stuff too I think, but, for some reason, I just cant remember what πŸ˜‰

All in all, it was a WAY hott fucking scene. If you dont have a Brazzers membership, get one! Youre not gonna want to miss this gem when it comes out! Just ask Matt, I think the scene got his approval! Jeez, Johnny Sins sure does a mean ass cock huh! Good lord, and these people pay me to do this stuff! Life is GRAND!

5 responses to “03/31/10 Brazzers Nikki Benz Dr Adventures

  1. I can’t wait for this scene to be released!

    Nice candid pics, Nikki!

  2. Thanks for the stories, Nikki.
    Back when you were just a fan, were there any pornstars you really wanted to play with but will never get the opportunity now because they’ve retired? Care to name a few?

  3. Hi nikki im a big fan of yours. i would love to own some of your panties please email me back. i would like to make a purchase of a few of your used thongs soiled with your juices.

    one love


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