Bluebird Ass Clapping, Billy Glide, and Tory Lane is BAD ASS!

Most people in life Im sure get put up to tasks, or are required to “acquire” certain skills in their place of employment. Say for instance you move up from movie theatre sweeper, to popcorn dude! Big fucking step up right?! Well with that step up into the upper echelon of sub-managment comes a lot of responsibility. Youve gotta learn the inner most dynamics of the popcorn kernel. Well, this kinda stuff happens to porn stars too, and only in porn will you get this phone call… “Nikki, your ass is the size of a small asteroid, we need you to take to the mean streets of Oakland, find an ass wizard from which you can apprentice, and you’ve gotta learn to make that monster clap like a Motley Crue encore call out.” What the FUCK?! Clap?! Jeezus…. So for about 3 days I threw on some Lil Jon on the iTunes and took to work. Theres a certain way you’ve gotta arch that back and then fire off your hips to make you cheeks slam together like a symbol crash. I finally got it though, and then off to set we went.

Todays ass clapping festival would be spearheaded by BlueBird studios. This was I believe my second or third time working for them and they are cool cool people over there. Relaxed and laid back, no fuss no muss and everyone enjoys their jobs. I also was able to have the pleasure of running into Tory Lane for the first time on this set. Have I told you I love her? Well, I love her! She a straight to the point piece of awesomeness and I got along with her great. OH!!! And check out her shoooooeeeeessssss!!!!! Yea its a girl thing, I love SHOOOOOEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! Tory was awesome and she would be in the scene after me. Not sure if she was a part of the booty clapping madness or not, but a cool bitch nonetheless.

Todays ass clapping accomplice was none other than Billy Glide. Billy has one of the thickest cocks this planet has to offer. It’s a mean fucking sweet potato and is a pleasure to get to have. I worked with Billy for Naughty America in this scene and also for Brazzers in this scene. Both times were great scenes! Billy is a cool guy to work with too, not a dick, even though his is massive enough to take over his whole existence.

We were operating in a fake room today with a couch where we would make the magic happen. It looked a little like this here. And maybe just a little bit like this here. Funny thing about bluebird studios is that its right next to an airport. There must have been about 25 planes going overhead just in the short amount of time where we filmed the intro. Maybe they seen my ass clapping and thought I was taxiing them into the studio, or maybe its just so big that it was the same plane circling overhead just trying to catch a glimpse. Oh well, who can blame em. We DID have to keep stopping for the planes though, just for the intro. After that was done we got to listen to the planes go over as we had sexx.

I’ll leave you guys today with a masterpiece that I created that I shall call “A tour of the BlueBird Studios” I hope you guys enjoy it, shit took me forever to do in final cut, but it was worth it. Ahhhh, blog satisfaction….

06-15-10 Elegant Angel Busty Lifeguards

Alright! Back to blogging and down to business. Sorry for the lag, but I’ve been spending the last month learning final cut so I can edit all of these scene clips and BTS snipettes that I have so I can use them for my blogs. I’ve gotten better, and have completed my first one, so here we go. I hope you guys enjoy the video, it took some effort from me, but these should go way smoother in the future now and be up much quicker. Im going to try and write a blog every day or two as time permits, and try and edit these things up a bit and make them a little bit more flavorful.

Let our adventures begin…..

Alright, so, a few months back I got the call to be in an Elegant Angel production of a lifeguard themed movie, called, Busty Lifeguards I was told that we would be wearing Baywatch style Pamela Anderson red one piece bathing suits. RAD! I was even tossed a bit of responsibility as far as production goes, and was asked to acquire the bathing suits! BONUS! I love little projects like that and hunting down certain clothing. Ive always done well when needing specific things for shoots, and I was sure I would knock this outta the park. After some effort, I was not able to acquire exact bathing suit matches, but what I was able to do, was get some red leotards and have my seamstress that I use modify them to match, removing the sleeves and modifying things a bit here and there. What I came away with was a pretty darn good knock off and off to set we went!

Did I mention that my scene would be with Shyla Stylez and Manuel Ferrara!?! Pretty fucking awesome, there arent two better performers to work with in this industry, and to be picked to Share a boxcover with Shyla is an absolute honor. After arriving at Elegant Angel and going through make-up and hair, we shot the box cover pictures and then headed for the beach. Thats right, were shooting the pick-up at the beach in Malibu. A very welcomed change from shooting in the usual indoor setting, Im always all for something new and different.

William H Nutsack would be our tour guide and director today. William H runs a great set. Hes professional and straight to the point and all about his craft. Always a pleasure to work for someone who actually gives a shit about the quality of the product, and H has that in spades. We drove to the beach in Malibu from Chatsworth and scouted a few spots out there. Its pretty hard logistically to work out things like this. There are always alot of people around at the beaches, and you definitely don’t want certain people seeing you filming and whatnot. As luck would have it, we had a rough time finding a spot. We were asked to leave because another film crew who was filming for Jay Leno was in a spot we were trying to use, and another time the Lifeguard said he was on duty and we couldn’t film there. After the third spot failure William H had to call a halt to the day. Too much time and light was wasted looking for spots, and I believe he also had developed a bit of a migraine at that point. Totally understandable. Shoots like this where the logistics get complicated are tough to pull off sometimes and this was just one of those days, and once time starts to get away from you, and you also have to shoot not only the pick-up, but also the sex afterwards, you’re looking at an amazingly long day.
So after the shoot was finally called off, I got a phone call from my mother. SHES COMING TO VISIT! OH NO! Yea, umm, sorry mom, Im in Malibu at the moment trying to film this awesome porno where I get to fuck the hottest people in porn, you cant come over. YEA RIGHT!!!! Time to race home and try and beat my mom there so she doesnt suspect anything.

The shoot was rescheduled for the next week initially, but then I got a call a few days later that I wouldnt no longer be needed for the scene. I had lost quite a bit of weight before this shoot and Elegant thought that I looked a bit too thin for the role. I totally understand where they were coming from. In a movie called Busty Lifeguards youve gotta have your girls looking buxom and big up top. I was a bit on the skinny side at this point and I needed to put back on 10 or 15 lbs. This is another reason I really love Elegant Angel. They could have just put me back in the scene, but they chose not to because they didnt want to compromise their standards on what they wanted in the scene. Bravo. Alot of companies would have just said “fuck it” and put whatever/whoever in their production and hurt their product. Im proud to say that since this I have put some weight back on, and Ive actually worked with Elegant Angel again. I hope their happier with my physique now and we can work together lots more in the future. Below is my first edited up video blog entry. I hope you guys enjoy it, lots more to come!

05-25-10 Zero Tolerance Chestnuts

Yup, a 5 month old blog…. Oh well, Im doing my best. Ive got alot of videos from set that Ive gotta edit, and Im having trouble learning how to do it with no one to show me the basics, so Ill try and catch up, and do my best.

Today, Sadly, I dont have any stills to add to this blog, but I do have two videos, which I’ll post down below from after the shoot. Today I will be shooting for Zero Tolerance/3rd Degree for director Danny Case (Bart) Doing a boob style movie today called Chestnuts I got to work with Mr Pete again, who is one of my favs! Today we were back again at Jessica Drakes house. Ive shot here quite a few times before, including My Phat Bottom Girls 3 shoot for Manuel Ferrara. After arriving on set and going through make-up, we had a bit of a delay as we waiting for the director to arrive. As we waited I kind of thought to myself, “We’ve got dick, we’ve got pussy, we’ve got a camera…… lets do this!!!! Why we waiting!?” I thought it would be a cut and dry scene, no plot, no lay out, lets get to it!! Boy was I wrong. Once Bart arrived, I was better able to understand his “vision” He laid everything out like a total pro. Where the camera shots would be, how I would be standing, where I would be standing, everything. So in hindsight, the wait was worth it. The scene came out a million times better than anything I envisioned in my head. The sex was EXTRAORDINARY. I had one of the hottest scenes (well, at least to me) that I’ve ever done that day, and I’ll probably never forget it. I even got a little carried away during the scene a couple of times. I actually even forgot who I was, where I was, and what I was doing a few times, the sex was that mind blowing. I was so happy with this scene, that I even used one of the pictures as my twitter avatar afterwards. The videos down below will show you Jessica Drake’s ADORABLE chihuahua and a little bit of our interaction after we wrapped up shooting.

08/25/10 Reality Kings Monster Curves

Alright, Im skipping ahead to present time in my blogs because Im really falling behind because my computer stinks and I have no way to edit my videos, or my pictures. So when I get a new computer I’ll start to trickle in the old ones, along with the new.
Today were back at Reality Kings for another round of Monster Curves Ive shot for this site once before on an update called Curvalicious. You can see the trailer here. And the new one here. Much to my surprise this scene only took 3 days to go through post production and end up on the site. I shot it on Wednesday, and on Saturday it was up and ready to be jerked to. Rad. That, is what I call porno service…… with a smile. 🙂
Today….. bum bup bup bum! Were shootin ANAL! Bum is right! Right? Alright, well, I think it is. Anal of course requires some “prep”. Enemas before the scene to make sure were clean, and a butt plug up my bum bup bup bum to loosen it for the days festivities! I also carry my little purple friend there just to use as a loosening tool also.
Todays talent was Mr. Seth Gamble Id worked with Seth once before on a Bang Bros (Trailer here) set out in Florida, and I thought he did a pretty darn good job, so today was going to be good and I was WAY excited for it. And just as I thought it went very very well.
We shot out in Hollywood at the Reality Kings shoot house and it is pretty awesome. Great view, great location, awesome pool, just an all around great place to shoot some anal fucking! Right? Of course I am! Overall the day went pretty darn smoothly for only my 5th or so anal scene Ive ever done, and I look forward to many, many more to come.
Below I will post my videos that I shot throughout the day. Notice the change from video 2 to 3 as I went through hair and make-up, and from video 6 to 7 as I finished the scene and looked totally SPENT and starving.
P.S. I also ran out of gas on the way home from this scene, I know, I know. I fucked up…

05-27-10 Diamond Foxxx

Fuuuuucccckkkk yea Im posting a 2 month old blog, whatcha know bout that son?!?! Am I a procrastinator? Maybe. And I busy as fuck all day everyday. Maybe. Well, whatever. Those are my excuses and I’m stickin’ to em. So today I had the PLEASURE of doing a Girl/Girl scene with bonafide super-milf, Diamond Foxxx. You know, I’m not sure why they call her a milf, because she for damn sure looks younger and better than most girls in the industry. I know shes got me beat, thats for sure.
So we were doing a Girl/Girl scene for You know, I’m not sure what exact site it was for, but there a few lesbian sites on that network, so I’m sure you can narrow it down somehow. So to begin things, we had to go to a house way, way, way the fuck up in the hills. Up Crazy narrow all dirt back woods Tennessee type roads. I managed to make it somehow, by the good graces of god, but Diamond Foxx however had a bit of difficulty finding it.

The scene itself was pretty funny actually. Diamond Foxxx played a police officer (Full cop gear on too as youll see in a video down below) responding to a disturbance, and I promptly greet her like every police officer should be greeted, with a duluge of water baloons aimed directly at her face. Needless to say, this leads to some serious girl/girl action and we fuck each other to our hearts content. I had alot of fun doing this girl/girl scene and we actually covered alot of bases. We fucked, used strap ons on each other, and just gave each other a pretty good little working over that left me pretty gosh darn smiley at the end of the day.

To cap off the day I drove Diamond Foxxx back to her car, albeit at about .05 miles per hour because I’m scared to death of winding roads, especially ones with 90 degree angle drops on the sides. Yeeeaaaaaa, something about that just kinda makes me a BIT…… uneasy. Enjoy the BTS (Behind the Scenes) videos down below, and you’ll get to see just how directors set things up and how it plays out. Pretty damn interesting if you ask me. OK, well, maybe I’m the only one that thinks so, but I like em!! 🙂

05-20-10 Vivid Video

On set for the first time with VIVID!!!! To most people outside of porn, this is probably the most recognizable company in the world of porn. Vivid video has always had the super hot contract girls and the big productions, and gained the most name value over the years, and theyve been using the same formula to perfection for years.

Today was a little bit of a switcheroo for me, when I got my booking email it said that I would be doing a boy/girl/girl with McKenzee Miles, and Anthony Rosano but when I got there, she was finishing up make-up and was getting ready for a straight boy/girl with Bill Bailey, so my boy/girl/girl scene stayed in tact, but was switched to Anthony Rosano and Briana Blair RAD! Im cool with that! 🙂

Briana Blair is a straight up sweetheart, and looks cute as fuck taking a shower too! Shes the kind of girl that inspired Tommy Lee to install a full open shower in the middle of his bedroom so he can watch girls shower after he rails them. How do I know about Tommy Lee’s bedroom you say?!!? Well, uh hem! I uhhhh, well…….. I seen it on cribs OK! Fuck, everyones always giving me a hard time! AAAANNNYYYWAAAYYYSSSS!!!!

The movie itself was a movie about hookers, and entitled Working Girls I believe. In our scene I was attempting to convince Briana Blair to join me in the worlds oldest profession. AND! Through the grand art of persuasion, Ive gotta say I was succesful, and Anthony Rosano was a damn happy man. All in all a very satisfying day, and a good time was had by all. Ill leave you with a nice little behind the scenes snippet where the camera guy was chit chatting with us before the scene. Note. He was also the director for my Bang Bros “Can He Score” scene from a few posts previous.


Christ, Im so far behing on blogs, I gotta get caught up, writing about a 2 month old scene just is not cutting it! On this day I would have the honor, pleasure, and privalege to work for the second, or maybe third director I have ever worked for. Mr Jimmy Lifestyles. I had worked for Jimmy a few times in the past, but the first time I had ever worked for him was for and it was really my second or third scene EVER. He is a VERY VERY cool and laid back director who is fun to be around and really just goes with the flow. He loves to do reality style directing where he is shooting and talking to the scene participants at the same time, putting his general “Smart ass-ed-ness” to good use.

Today we would be shooting for where the basic premise is that someone offers you a chunk of cash, to be able to fuck your girlfriend, and youve gotta watch them do it. I like to call these types of scenes really more of a conceptual mind-fuck. The sex isnt crazy and over the top, and is kind of dumbed down a bit so you can more or less get off on the thought of this type of thing happening. Truth be told, there is actually a good little crop of guys out there that would love to watch their girlfriend/wife or whatever have sex with someone else while they watch, its really not too uncommon and alot of guys get off on it.

The location today would be Mr Jimmy Lifestyles personal home. The setup for the scene was basically that someone was paying me to bartend their party topless, then the proposals continued to escalate until I was fucking Will Powers right in front of my boyfriend. Here is a link to the trailer After the deed was done and I collected my wad of cash for “bartending”, we wrapped up the day, and the scene, and called it a success.

Afterwards I actually hung out at Jimmys house for a bit and made a run to the Habit with him. If youve never had the Habit, please do, its an extra delicious burger place here in so-cal that really puts In and Out to shame. Down below I’ll leave you guys with a few parting videos of Jimmy and I conversing after scene, while he “unwinds” a bit with his trusty steed Bandit at his side.